BodPod results

This is pretty awesome. I went today had had my BF measured again via the BodPod. and there are some super cool results. Even so the scale shows a net gain of 6 pounds, I really gained 10 pounds of muscle and lost another 3 pounds of fat. How cool is that! Though I did work hard. Now seeing the initial results made me realize during my first round of LE I lost 44 pounds of fat I also lost 6 pounds of muscle. I am so glad I started Crossfit! It was frustrating at times over the last year not seeing any results on the scale, but this for sure exceeded my expectations.


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I am working to build my WildTree business and had my first Freezer Meal Workshop last night. This is just so much fun and everyone had a good time. Its hard to describe that meal prep can be fun and people go home with 10 awesome meals. I was too busy to snap some pictures. Oh well another time.



2 thoughts on “BodPod results

    1. Its fun to have comparisons over the years. I also do that with my blood tests, since I can order whatever I want online w/o a doctors permission.

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