Freezer meals rock!

The awesome part on the 10 pounds of muscle gain? It chugs up some excess calories without a weight gain. My clothing still fit, though I can feel a little added fat in stomach area. But that should be easy to take care of.

I couple of my buddies went out for some paddling this weekend due to the nice temps, but since I was on-call I could not go this weekend. #neednewjobforsure

I contacted Chip from CrossfitMPS and we will see how I can support them. I will donate $1000 in form of equipment when I get my bonus in February, but also see if my current CF box has some ideas. The more inner city kids we can reach the better It means less poverty and more opportunities.

Things are busy. I made another round of 10 freezer meals to have on hand and this stuff is just so tasty and quick to prep. Love it!

2014-12-14 08.50.58

I ordered a pullup bar so I can work on progression, means my first pullup. Saturday I went to a kipping skill session, I need to toughen up those calluses on my hands for sure, still wimpy.

In a month I have my first Crossfit competition. Excited and nervous at the same time. And there is some work to be done. Food macros require more tuning into the protein direction, still a little “bad” carb heavy.

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