Cookies and ginger bread houses

Today I went down to Chicago to one of my friends to bake cookies and show the kiddos how to make and decorate ginger bread houses. Not taking any cookies home for sure! My weight is up. Its time to draw that line. It was was fun and the kiddos got their fix of cookies and had fun making those ginger bread houses.

2014-12-20 11.09.13
April over at ETP adjusted my macros a little down to 2300/1900 calories (175g protein, 75g fat, 231g/131g carbs) on training/rest days. I was all the way up to 220# and felt miserable. With starting ETP I gave myself permission hanging with the white carbs, which isn’t a good thing for me. It just spirals out of control. Did much better with my food yesterday. I removed potential triggers from my pantry.

The holiday schedule at my box messes up my workout schedule a little. I went today at 7am as usual, then Friday at 6am (too early really) and then Saturday at 7am. I hope I can add some fun workout in-between, maybe a trampoline class or some outdoor activity.

Slept almost 8 hours and still had a hard time to get out of bed for my workout. This mornings workout wasn’t too bad.

Strength: (18 minutes – 6 rounds)
3 hang power snatches and 1 OH squat
3 reverse pullups

50 burpees
40 back squats (#55)
30 situps

I did a total of 150 reps. I got to 80 total burpees in the given time. I dont hate them, but they slow everything down. At least we didn’t do Performance. Otherwise those would have been bar-facing burpees.

Looks like no snow in the forecast. Its a little too warm. I wanted to snow shoe.

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