2015 Fitness Goals

Today I found a forum post on ETP to write down our goals for 2015 and lots of folks had already posted theirs.  That got me thinking. So here they are. My goal is to reach the performance level at my box and that means in at 3+ of those options:

Double-unders 50 – currently none
Pullups 5 – currently black band
Pushups 50 – currently the girly kind
Box Jumps – currently small box
OH Squats (1/2 body weight) – currently 45#
Handstand (hold for 90 secs) – currently 20 sec hold, but have a hard time to get up
Toes-to-bar (15) – currently knee raise
Mile (under 8 minutes) – ???
2 minute burpees (40) – ???
Wall Balls 14# (25) – ???

Deadlift 200#
Bench 150#
Clean 100#
Strict Press 120#

In addition I want to kick some butt in paddle board racing and participate in CF events, the Spartan Race, the Warrior Dash, etc. I will be taking inventory shortly. I may have to add some time before my usual workout to get all of that accomplished, but are excited what the new year holds.

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