A Sleeve of crackers?

A Sleeve of crackers? WTH. I ate the whole thing. I was kinda mad eating something that really has no great nutritional value for my body. I was able to stay within my macros by just having a skinny shake for dinner. Looking back at my food log it became clear that it probably backfired because my two earlier meals were pretty low in carbs. Lesson learned! I planned already all my meals for today last night to avoid some pitfalls.


The best part is, working on my macros is paying off. I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down 4 pounds since mid December. While I was thinking I just need to trust the ETP process no matter what, it was hard. Seeing that first tumble down feels so good and gets me on my way to perform better and lose that weight for good.

I made the Coconut Chia Panna Cotta and its pretty good, but I will just keep looking for that awesome one.

2014-12-30 07.55.29

And while we are at it, the foods from yesterday.

2014-12-30 07.59.19

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