Kite boarding lessons?

I contacted the kite boarding shop in town and hope I can get some lessons soon. I want to be outside again and have fun. It would be the perfect addition to paddle boarding, because when the water is too rough to paddle I just go kite boarding. :)I tried to take some lessons in the past and timing was always off, as flexibility is key with weather conditions. This time I am not going to give up on that!

This mornings workout was good but I did not wanted to get out of bed, just felt a little tired. But did it anyways and even got a PR in the Strict Press.

Strict Press 1RM (deload after 8 minutes) #65, #75, #80, #85, #87, #90, #95 (fail)

5 rounds of
30 lateral jumps
25 situps
20 OH walks (pretty pathetic I did with the abmat)

in 16:06 minutes.

Today’s foods, right on track within my macros and I dropped 1/2 a pound! How can you not love that. Improving performance and eating great foods.

2015-01-02 21.15.39

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