Increase the load

Yesterday was a rest day with the exception of plenty of manual snow removal. Since I own a 4-family building I have to be out before the tenants. Though the worse part is the 5-car parking lot. I love how I can now do this without getting injured. #thankstocrossfit


Snatch Grip PP and 2OHS
Front Squats

10 minutes ascending ladder (reps)
3 wall balls
3 squat thrusts
3 hang power clean

6/6/6 – 9/9/9 – 12/12/12 – 15/15/15 – …

I got to 132. Those squat thrusts were hard.

I am going to start to go back to the box in the evenings to focus on some weight lifting improvements. I realized most of my lifts are pretty pathetic. For the most part I have the form down, now I just have to work on the mobility and increasing the load.


2015-01-09 19.53.10

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