My first kite boarding lesson

The conditions were perfect and the wind did not die down or got too strong for my first kite boarding lesson. We worked with a trainer kite, a foil kite and then a bow kite. I did best with the real thing, the bow kite, but did slam it to the ground more then just a few times. The first few times were pretty freaky as the kite can be really strong and lift you off your feet or even drag you if you dont follow the instructions. You go through all the safety mechanism’s and what to do when, but that’s just a lot to remember. When flying the kite, to take the power away from the kite I have to push the bar towards the kite, but the natural reflex is to hang on and pull the bar towards me. Eventually I got the hang of that and then we played to just move the kite left and right. But I had a thought of quitting after the first two strong encounters with the wind. It was really nice out and I enjoyed the fresh air and the sun. I am starting on-call tomorrow so all fun is on hold for a little.  But I am looking forward to more lessons. Winter is actually a better time to learn kite boarding as you dont have to add the being in the water to the mix when starting out.


2015-01-11 11.44.05 2015-01-11 14.08.07 2015-01-11 11.41.16 2015-01-11 14.08.00


2015-01-11 20.42.35

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