My 1st Crossfit Competition

The Icebox Classics are in the books at least for the beginners and intermediate folks. WOD1 was tough, I thought it would get easier. Right? I mean WOD3 were only DLs and Step ups? How bad can that be? I PRd on the Power Clean but then I fizzled out. I just did not have the fast power for #3. And after 2 minutes I was thinking not sure how I survive another 4 minutes of that. But I was also a little shaken as the judge in WOD1 was very strict and had me do an additional 10 S2Os and at least 5 burpees because of no-counts. For the future I have to make sure my form is accurate so I dont lose precious time. I was happy with my PR. I may have been able to get another 5 pounds, but I ran out of time as we had only 5 minutes to work up to the single 1RM.

In total I came in place 19 out of 30, pretty good considering there where lots of 20 and 30 year olds. Quite an interesting atmosphere as there were tons of spectators on the sidelines. Most of the beginners were already crossfitting 1 to 2 years, so there is hope to get better for sure.

2015-01-17 08.04.00 2015-01-17 08.56.20 resultsIcebox

15 Calorie Row
20 Shoulder to Overhead (35)
10 Burpees (jump onto plate)
Total 135 (15)

1 Rep Max Power Clean
105 (15) – PR by 35#

2468 . . . escalating Ladder
Deadlift (95)
Box Jump/Step ups (20”)
Total 114 (21)

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