Hitting my macros

I can hit my calories per day, but for sure not my macros. I now will start with adding the protein first as it seems to be my biggest stumbling block. Its a heck of a lot easier to add some fat or carbs to the mix. Really trying to hit the 175g of protein, 231/131g of carbs and the 75g of fat consistently. In addition I will add some active recovery on my rest days. I had totally forgotten about the treadmill workstation at work which we can use for up to 30 minutes a day. That way I dont have to waste time on some boring cardio and can get it done during work with added benefits. Next week the Oly class is starting. I may have to start my morning workouts earlier so I get my 8 hours of work in before getting back to the box in the evenings.

Oh and this one is starting soon.

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