Emergency Room visit

Unexpected rest day. I hate when that happens. I think it sure was a sign for me to slow down. Not sure if a visit to the emergency room was on my bucket list of things to do, but I got that covered now. More then thankful that those little glass pieces didn’t damage my eyes. Maybe when you Crossfit you dont realize what force it can have? I just put dishes back into a cupboard overhead and I just bumped some glass, and I swear it wasn’t that hard. But I had a gazillion little pieces all over me. Thank god, none of those glass pieces got into my eyes!

It feels like over at ETP its Crossfitters and Powerlifters unite, so cool. The place is hopping. The team challenge is starting and my macros got adjusted to get things moving again. My new macros are 2215 calories, 165g protein, 75g fat, 220/125g carbs. Adding 30 minutes of walking to my rest days.

Dinner felt like a science project to get my macros on par. I sure love the bar code feature on the iphone app for MFP. I think I have to go more modular with my meals, otherwise its hard to hit to macros head on.

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