Love Eat To Perform!

How can you not love Eat To Perform. I get to eat lots of food, perform better and as soon as my body adjusts drop some more weight. And I even won something two weeks ago. How cool is that.

2015-01-22 20.23.38

So whats the difference between Precision Nutrition Coaching (formerly Lean Eating) and Eat to Perform? ETP is for athletes and Precision Nutrition Coaching is for folks that need to get their butts moving and start to eat right. The concept of eating less when one becomes an athlete and starts to train, instead of exercise, is counter-productive and will hinder performance. Also at ETP I am surrounded by Crossfitters that are working to get better everyday.

Sometimes dinner feels like a science project to get my macros right. But I sure love the bar code feature on the iphone app for MyFitnessPal.

I had to work last night until 11pm but was able to sleep til 4am w/o any paging going on. I decided I need my workout this morning. Felt good. Got a PR in OHS with 55#, finally its moving in the right direction.

3×2 Snatch Grip PP + 1 OHS (#55)
3×8 Front Squats

7 burpees
10 push presses (#55)

rest 3 min

shuttle sprints

I did 5+1 rounds and 34 shuttle sprints. For sure needed my cream of rice. Starting to cut it down a little.

I am restarting to take my thyroid pills again. Could be one of the reasons why my weight isn’t going anywhere. I just hate to take pills.

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