Kill the cold and flu with doterra

This mornings workout:

A) 5×3 back squats at 85% – 95#
B) 5 rounds
10 v-ups
8 ring rows

3 rounds
10 DB thrusters (#20)
10 burpees
20 cal rows

It took me 10:47 minutes.

Tonight was weightlifting club, just two really strong dudes and then me. The coach had lots of time on giving me cues on my snatches.

They are thinking of doing the burpee challenge at the box. 50 burpees, recorded, in less then 3 minutes and up to standard! Would be a great little benchmark, but I sure have to work my way up to it.

Lots of food again with 4 calories to spare. Even some “pizza” was on the menu.
2015-01-26 20.26.04

#newgadget #microwaveeggs
I got suckered in to one of those Pampered Chef parties. While I hate clutter and prefer simplicity, I got this one and hope it works. I hate eggs in the microwave. The rubbery spongy texture cant even be made better with drowning it in Sriracha. It will make poached, scrambled, or fried eggs, omelets, even cakes.

2015-01-26 10.11.10

#killthecold #gethealthy
I love my doterra essential oils. The “cold killer” is 4 drops of peppermint, 3 drops of OnGuard, 2 drops of oregano, and one drop of frankincense (doterra). I took it as a shot with water this morning and one this evening and I think its working! I am feeling pretty good.

2015-01-26 21.51.50

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