Eggs and microwaves?

I accidentally skipped a meal today. Not sure if that ever happened in the past, me forgetting to eat a meal? I was putting my dishes from the lunch-bag into the dish washer and there it was, still a whole meal left in the glass dish. Since today was a double workout day I really dont want to skip too many calories. So I just had an after dinner/ before bed sweet treat of a Strawberry RKT and a hot chocolate. Yummm!

I tried out the microwave egg cooker and I think that’s a keeper. Eggs and microwaves can work together and have a great outcome. I made my first omelet and have to say it was delish and did not taste like a rubber sponge at all! I just added a dab of butter and some zucchini, microwaved it for 60 seconds, then added the eggs, some spices and a couple of sprinkles of cheese for another 90 seconds and voila!

2015-01-28 12.22.47

I had some great workouts today. I spend the evening session working on my technique (and with my new shoes).

7am Crossfit

Clean Pull + Power Clean (10 min)
Split Stance Strict Press 5 reps (10min)

4 Thrusters
6 Front Squats
8 Front Rack lunges
Rest 5 minutes
50 cal row
100 air squats
20 DB squat thrust box step ups

6pm Lifting Club
A) HangPower Cleans 5×3
B) 3 position clean pulls 10 sets
C) Push Press 5×3

I am thinking of getting certified as a Crossfit Judge. This way I can be even more involved into Crossfit.


2015-01-28 20.30.38

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