Cream of Rice Recovery

I love my cream of rice after a hard workout. So I was hurting this morning and thought it will only get worse as the day progresses. I am amazed how with ETP my recovery changed and how much better I just feel.

I kept my lifting shoes on for the WOD which helped with the lunges but weren’t so good for jumping roping. Not sure if I will be able to walk tomorrow after 160 lunges.

BtN Snatch Grip PP + OH Squat
Front Squats (32×1 tempo)

2 rounds time cap 20 minutes
20 DB Renegade Rows (25# per hand)
40 Calorie row
80 Walking Lunges
200 Singles

I barely made it. 19:52 min and I was spent.

But the good news I dropped back down to 219# this morning after hovering around 222 for the last couple of days.

Tomorrow is Weightlifting club and I want to do the ETP Team Heart Challenge afterwards.

2015-01-30 06.57.57

Tonight I practiced the kick into the handstand, the pullups (black) band and the DUs, still a fail on all.


2015-01-30 20.24.27

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