The pancake experiment

Tried out the pancakes in the microwave egg cooker and they come out pretty good. I would say great. They look kinda pale but taste great. And time wise this method rocks. Pancakes in 3 minutes unattended. Cant beat that.

2015-02-08 07.54.49 2015-02-08 07.55.56

Got lots of chores done. Felt like another spurt of down-sizing or better right-sizing. I hate too much stuff around me, it just hinders my creativity. I love the tiny house concept, however not sure if I want to go that small. Love my desk area again. I am thinking of getting a job to work from home. I would love the flexibility, but not sure if I would miss the social aspect of an office setting.

2015-02-08 19.50.57

I was enjoying not having a tenant on the upper level right next to me. I am thinking March would be good to start looking for one again. In winter there are usually no good tenants available. I still want to paint the bathroom and the kitchen to make it look nice again. Maybe a new stove too. But regardless finding a great tenant just takes time, as I really dont want a high turnover or trouble.

Much better day, foodwise. I just love zoodels (zucchini noodles), haven’t had any pasta in ages now and I am not missing it at all.

2015-02-08 20.16.58

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