Love Gone Bad

I skipped this morning but went for the 6pm OLY class. The class size grew already. Today we were 4 gals and 4 guys.

A) Hang Power Clean + FS + Power Jerk 5×2
B) 3 Position Clean Pulls – 10 sets at 70% @105# that was heavy but it prevented me from pulling with my arms!
C) Push Presses – 5×3 @95#

On Saturday is our charity WOD called Love Gone Bad benefiting Crossfit MPS. Its really exciting! I had asked our box if we could help them in any way and this event was the answer. I hope there will be a great turnout. Here is how this whole thing started: “On Dec 7, 2014 I pulled up right next to a car with a bumper sticker called CrossFit MPS. Intrigued enough I knocked on the car window to find out what that is all about. I had a quick chat with Chip, the founder of CrossFit MPS. He coaches kids (K3-12) and staff of Milwaukee Public Schools to get them fit and healthy and to support positive change for their families, and their community. And like all changes they start small with one kid and one school at a time! I love that concept. I wonder how I could help.” That was then. I contacted Chip via email to find out if he had any things he needed. While they originally received a $1000 grant to get started, things are starting to wear out and are in need to be replaced. In addition I am going to donate $1000 from my bonus, which I am going to receive this month and I am working on getting each kid and teacher attending the WODs a reusable water bottle.

Food wise I did ok. Since I didn’t do the morning WOD I kinda treated it as control day with only OLY practice. But I am still kind of hungry tonight.


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