My very first Open workout 15.1

The time flew. What an amazing time it was. I judged twice before I got to go at 11am for my workout. Gosh, I ended up with a blister and didn’t even realized it until I wanted to do my 1RM snatch #20 PR @75#. Probably not the best idea to do that after we just did plenty of them in 15.1 but I needed to get it done. I liked that I had Sarah during the workout as my pace maker. She was just killing it and probably did 8 rounds. I did 6 rounds (15 knee raises, 10 DL, 5 snatches), + 5 knee-raises with a total of 185. The snatches felt easy. The bar was just flying up.

And I did 1 pound under my 1 RM at 104#. I didn’t wanted to risk not making yesterday PR and then loose out on some precious pounds. So good enough. Overall a nice little workout.


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