Preparing for another great week.

On 03/31/2014 I tried Crossfit for the first time. And boy am I glad I did. Since the beginning of January I have gotten a little stronger (in pounds) thanks to ETP and our OLY/Weightlifting class.

Back Squat from 115 to 145
Bench from 95 to 115
Deadlift from 145 to 192
Clean from 95 to 105
Snatch from 55 to 75
C&J from 75 to 105
Front Squat from 95 to 105

Just did some food prep and are trying to get the macros just right. #1-yesterdaysfoods, #2-todaysgroceries, #3-mealsfor the week


This coming week I am starting OLY back up after a week of rest to let my neck completely recover. I am also adding Tuesday and Thursday to the mix for working on my skill improvements.

Only 50 more days til paddle boarding camp at Captiva Island. Cant wait!

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