No Pull-ups for WOD 15.2

Tried for pull-up and its not going to happen. I am just too frigging heavy! Oh well, but I look forward to tomorrow as the atmosphere will be awesome and we can cheer for our best athletes as the do their workouts. No need wasting any extra calories or Vitargo on tomorrow for 15.2.

Today was a good workout.


EMOM8: Odd: DB Seated Press x 8reps
Even: 20 sec arch hold


3 front squats
3 ring-rows
2 box jumps
then AMRAP1
Max burpees

For a total burpees. I got 45.

#yesterdaysmeals and #todaysmeals

2015-03-05 19.30.28 2015-03-06 19.15.08


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