15.3 – A tough one!

Oh little did I know how bad that was going to be. I thought my legs would burn, but I was gasping for air long before that. It was a bad one and I sucked at it. One of those you feel like throwing up any second now. But hey those are just some rookie mistakes of a first time gamer. :eek: What can be so bad on a couple of rounds of 50 wall balls and 200 single unders? Right? Wrong! There is some work for me to do to get better for sure.

I am really looking forward to start training a little differently, now seeing what I am capable of and where I lack some skills. And I am not taking MUs just yet.  I was blown away today by athletes that whipped out several rounds of MUs and the ones that did over 1000 reps in the scaled workout. Its incredible how fit some people really are.

Some food pics, but I didn’t track nor snap pics of some of the foods I ate today. And then pics from our official Open workout.

2015-03-14 20.35.45 2015-03-14 20.41.54 2015-03-14 16.19.36

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