The paddle exhibition

First we went to the paddle exhibition and then I bought a stove for one of my rental units in about 5 minutes at Lowe’s. Loved that! Lowe’s is just such a nice place and the customer service is awesome. Now its on to some more active recovery work aka painting the kitchen and the bathroom in the rental. My legs are very sore today and need to be moved.

Saw some fun stuff today, a mega surf/paddle board, a funky custom camper that reminds me of the tiny house concept, and other paddle gear. Though there were lots more kayaks and canoes and lots of camping gear. This event was hosted by a large retailer that just invited the brands it carries. Only 4 of the paddle board companies were represented. The better ones were missing as they usually sell direct.

2015-03-15 11.39.54 2015-03-15 11.11.38 2015-03-15 11.14.25 2015-03-15 11.27.45

I am still trying to process yesterdays disaster of 15.3. Sometimes those things are just exactly what we need in order to progress in the right direction.

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