Handstand practice

Rest Day.

Just checked with my head coach (after googleing gymnastic offerings, there are no adult classes) and it looks like we may get a gymnastics class at the box. I am just not consistent with my handstands, pullups, etc on my own.

I think I am getting the hang of the macros and I can feel the burn. I did a couple of minutes of handstand practice. Dang when you workout where you work, you always run the risk of some co-workers being too chatty and then me running out of time. But it was Spartan talk, as the dude was interested in doing a Spartan Stadium Sprint. I had too many things that needed to get done today that were time critical. But I am thinking as soon as I can kick up into the stand I could do a handstand anywhere where there is enough wall space. ;) Also it looks like I am trying to many things at the same time. There is the handstand, the double unders, the pullup, the wall balls, the running, etc. And I have mastered none of those in the last few months! I will be focusing on ONE thing only until I get it. First up is the handstand! By the end of it I will be dreaming about it.

#theofficegympart1 – It really is a gymnasts paradise. But in our company very few people even use it




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