No burpees for 15.5!

Thank god, no burpees for 15.5. Don’t get me wrong I like burpees, just not in the Open workout this year. It will be a hard workout, but I wont be surprised not like in 15.3 with the wall balls when I didn’t see that coming. By next year I hope to have dropped at least 20 to 30 pound and will be quite a bit fitter.
Lately I have been sleeping over 8 hours on my off days and my average over the last week is 7:36 hours/day. Seems like I sure need some recovery time.
I decided to try out a meal service for the next couple of weeks from a company called Urban Caveman. Since it is clean food it will be easy to add just some sweet potatoes or rice for added carbs. With spring and summer coming I dont really want to have to prep too much as the paddle boarding race season will take up quite some weekends. But also those repeat meals get so boring that I dont want to eat those after day 3.


2015-03-26 19.02.16

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