15.5 and the end of the Open

Maybe I should have done RX (65# instead of 45# Thrusters) on 15.5, but who knew. I kept a steady pace and was able to complete it in 11:29 minutes (scaled). But I felt like I got off easy while everyone else was sheer exhausted and in pain. The Crossfit Open 2015 is done in my book. I did not repeat any workouts, but I now understand why many do. Sometimes you just need to get a feel for it. See with Crossfit you can never predict what a workout will do to your body. And those Open workouts are unique and will challenge you beyond what you have done before. It was my first year of participating in the Open and I loved the experience and I loved to be part of an awesome box, Badger Crossfit. There were struggles, I really hated 15.3 and my lungs were still trying to catch some air a day or two later. And I remember when it was announced I thought how bad can throwing 10# wall balls and single unders (jump roping) be together? Bad, really bad! But I guess I learned a valuable lesson from 15.3, not to panic when I am the last one left in the first round of rowing during this last workout.

Tomorrow my training for the new Crossfit year begins to get faster and stronger and to improve on skills to master handstands, Double Unders, Pullups, Wall Balls, etc.

Open Workout 15.5 at Badger CrossFit
Photo Credit: Stacey Nash

2015-03-28 18.18.11


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