Treats Galore

Today’s workout – Hero WOD “Luke”

400m Run

15 Clean and Jerks (155/105)

400m Run

30 T2B

400m Run

45 Wall Balls (20/14)

400m Run

45 KB Swings (55/35)

400m Run

30 ring dips

400m Run

15 Lunges (155/105)

400m Run

OK it was just kinda bad. I stopped counting the rounds of running and then I was ok. I made it in 31:06 minutes. In addition we had to run 400m as warmup. The wall balls made an appearance. I used the 10 pounder, but really want to work my way up to some 14s. I swear before ETP it would have taken me probably the 45+ minutes to complete and I would have been totally exhausted for the remainder of the day. I cant even thank ETP enough for those performance improvements.

Look what I got this morning. I am not sure if I can handle the Oreos and TimTams though. They may get an early retirement into the garbage if I am starting to go overboard.

2015-04-03 09.55.53

I dont know why I have incidents that I just cant seem to stop with those sweet treats. I would like to learn to have stuff in the house, rather then banning it to be safe. The funny thing is I dont have problems with the RKTs or the Rice Crispies.  But I have gotten so much better already.

I now love that I really can have any food, there is not more “bad” label attached, which takes the focus and obsession off the foods. And we eventually restore our relationship with food. While I still will make treats that are higher in protein and have less fat, that chocolate Easter bunny is not going to kill or wreck the path I am now on. I am just so glad I found ETP.

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