Hero WOD “DT” and a big chocolate muffin

This mornings workout:

Finding 1RM for
Strict Press 91# (PR by 1#) ;)
Push Jerk (105)

I seemed weaker today, since there was no rest day in-between.

Hero WOD “DT”
5 Rounds of
12 Deadlifts, 9 Power Cleans, 6 Jerks

I finished first in 6:29 minutes with 55#. I was disappointed. Once again it was too easy and I didn’t follow my rule to go 10 to 15# heavier then I thought I should.

I carbed up on purpose for tomorrow. Though I picked a huge muffin (there were no other choices) from the vending machine and it messed up my fat a little and wasn’t that good. I should have just had oatmeal earlier, but oh well. Still not sure yet if I should run or row tomorrow for the 5k.

After I get back from paddle camp I will start working with April, the macro whisperer at ETP. I really have to kick my efforts into the next gear to make some headway. I think I need a kick in the butt. :oops:

Bedtime comes early and I will do an Epsom salt bath for better sleep and recovery.


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