Running a 5k?

Ever ran a 5k before breakfast? We just did this morning as part of testing week. I dont like running and I was about to bail at the 2 mile mark as one of our fellow crossfitters was waiting to run that last lap with somebody that needed that extra push. Thanks to Steve I finished my FIRST 5k in 34 minutes. #thepowerofcrossfit #notarunner

I was running my first 5k in 36 degrees drizzling rain with just a t-shirt on because I had intended to just row the 5k. I addition it was TTOTM and probably my lowest energy day of the month. I didn’t think I could do it. I dont like running and we didn’t train for this. We had maybe 4 or 5 WODs that included some running. Hard to describe but this is probably one of those really rare proud moments that makes me emotional.

Todays workout:

Handstand hold – 43 seconds
Ring Row max effort – 9
Broad Jump – 56 inches (which should translate to me doing 20 inch box jumps).
DU/Single Unders – I got my first double-under

1mile 10:16 min
5k 34:04 min

Our head coach posted this:

Today, the gym’s programming was a 5k run. It’s usually the least attended class in CrossFit gyms all around the world. I can certainly understand why for a variety of reasons — things like “we can all run any where any time, it’s boring, how is this ‘CrossFit’, we’re not lifting, I will run at home,” etc. etc…
Here’s the dealio…
You won’t. You will not run at home. You will not do it on your own. You will not do it another day. You won’t push yourself as hard as you would with others. You will stay in your comfort zone. You will make excuses.
You joined my gym to be pushed, motivated and physically challenged. You may have joined because we make you do things you wouldn’t ever do. A 5k run might be one of them. You don’t get superior results by yourself, unless you’re an anomaly. Show me 1 year of results by yourself and I’ll show you the same results in half that (or less!). It’s that effective to have someone pushing you and someone to workout with.
It’s because we’re social creatures. We workout with others because they make us better. You workout with experienced coaches who know how to make you better. You love to stay comfortable when no one is watching you. Misery loves company. We do better when coached. When driven to succeed.
Yes, this is just a 5k run. And I could go on about how this is the ultimate test of CrossFit aerobic capacity, how it works your oxidative system just as well as “Cindy” does. But even more, it’s about your mindset. It’s about your attitude towards challenges in life. Struggles. Pain. Do you shy away from the hard? Do you seek excitement only? Do you do the boring? Do you make excuses?
Unfortunately or fortunately, I can determine one’s success in life by the attitude one has towards a WOD like today, and working out in general. It doesn’t show me whether this person wants to workout or not, but it shows me they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the goals they want. Their goals are bigger than their excuses. The betterment of their life is more important than the comforts. Their mindset determines their mental health, which leads to physical health.
I hope you decide to run a 5k with your CrossFit gym (our’s especially ;-P), wherever you are. Because you won’t only get fit, but you will have a very successful mindset and view on life that will take you further than you can imagine.



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