Vacation countdown

Trying to wrap everything before vacation. Went tonight to the AIS guy and he just works wonders. Now I am packing and I just pulled out summer clothing from last year and they still fit with all those additional pounds. It amazes me every time. Though I really would like it if my body decides to drop some fat for a change instead of building any more muscle. I think I have plenty now.

Got my heat for the Festivus comp on Saturday. So I have 2 hours between each event. A lot more time then the last one. Vitargo will be my friend!


Food was ok today, though the macros were off, first time I noticed that they dont match up.

I never thought the reverse method would come in handy. Perfect for that high carb day.


OMG, look what just happened. I dropped under that 222# mark with eating more carbs. :) Thank you macro wizard April.


Oh and here is a tip from my stretching guru. Best way to ice an affected area after injury/swelling/pain. Freeze water in a dixi cup and apply directly. It will get more direct and deeper into the tissue.


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