Day 1 recap

Yesterday was tough. We were quite exhausted. We learned and practiced turns and the more advanced pivot turns, paddle strokes, and star fish falls into the water, used mostly in rivers but also good in shallow waters to avoid sharp objects and stingy animals.

No winds today. We did time trials 2x2km and 1x500m of racing practice this morning and later we will do beach starts.

We had some dolphins around us, that wanted to play. They were especially attracted to the surf ski that one of our coaches was using. So cool!

We got some awesome fresh fish from the market for the grill tonight.


2015-04-21 12.07.06

Our paddle coach

2015-04-20 21.22.55

Today’s schedule

2015-04-20 21.20.01

Yesterday’s cooking

2015-04-21 13.42.51


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