Back home. :(

What an amazing time we had. Its hard to come back to reality, even harder to get back to 35 degrees. Trying to get back into the grove.

My favorites were the ocean paddles in a bigger swell. Even so I fell off the board a gazillion of times during our battle of the paddle, it was so much fun. Trying to launch from the beach into the ocean with big waves coming in has its challenges but coming back into shore is awesome surfing waves.

What an amazing team we had. We cooked great meals every night and laughed a lot.

On Thursday night a car knocked out the power to Captiva Island, so everyone in the house was pretty much kept awake up to an alarm that went off every 20 minutes (which must have ran on battery and couldn’t be disabled) and a raising humitity level in the house. We all were very tired that morning and thank god that fancy house had a gas stove where we could make some great coffee with our aeropresses, oatmeal and eggs. We went off for out 12 mile downwinder around 8:30am and by the time we got back the power and the house had recovered from the power loss.

2015-04-26 18.38.54 2015-04-26 18.38.11 2015-04-26 18.39.31

Working on the logistics for Crossfit Regionals as a volunteer. I will be part of the Rogue Gear team and will be working in Minneapolis for 4 days. There is also a trip to Grand Rapids in the next future to pick up my new paddle board and have some fun with my friends Todd and Renee.

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