A German Ball Chair

Ok, how about this one? This is my mom’s chair over in Germany. Kinda fancy, not quite the same, but a good start.

;) 2015-05-04 15.14.09

Actually with a rolling base its more of a chair and unless you have fallen of a chair before, you wont fall off this one either. I like how the ball just relieves the pressure from the spine, which you otherwise dont get.

I took a picture of my toe. Its really gross. I will spare you the details. Trying to hurry the healing along with some of my magic oil. But every time I bump it, it feels like a setback.

I upgraded the MFP and love it! No more stupid ads and the flex macros for different days are great too!

Oh I made some super nice custardy and moist pancakes this morning, just by adding 1/4 cup of cottage cheese and letting it sit for 20 minutes. And then I used my handy dandy microwave egg cooker. Yup, pancakes in just 6 minutes! Cant wait for tomorrow morning. Hope I can reproduce it!

2015-05-04 22.13.26

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