Control Day Pancakes

Bummer, that I cant have those control day pancakes tomorrow since it is a workout day. They are just great. I love em! They are a little over 500 kcals since I use 3 real eggs, but that meal lasts me until lunch around 12pm.

2015-05-05 07.50.24 2015-05-05 08.02.53 2015-05-05 08.05.10

Things are still really busy. and I just dont seem to have time to do some job searching.  I am getting ready to pick up my new board from my Michigan friends this weekend who are about 4 hours away from here. On my way back I plan to take the lake ferry as driving through Chicago can be a pain. Then I just need to finalize everything travel-wise for the Regionals. I will be volunteering for 4 days. I must have gotten into the Rogue team by luck. There are lots of repeat folks that are trying to get in too. Must be a special group.

My toe is getting better too. I will attempt to workout tomorrow. At least it doesn’t hurt too bad when I accidentally bump it.

Food wise is going good. I am under 222# again and hopefully it keeps moving downwards. Didn’t do much active recovery wise for the last 2 days as work was just too busy and I didn’t get home until 7pm.

2015-05-05 20.43.12

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