Picking up my new board

This morning I got one of those reminders that makes you realize 30 days have passed and I didn’t loose any weight again. Sure enough I felt bad and just had to kick off an email to April just before I left on my long drive to pick up my new board. And April makes it always better! A couple minutes of self-doubt, and an email back from April and then I think what a fool I can sometimes be. Granted I didn’t loose any scale weight, but this was a pretty big month. I had a crossfit competition and paddle camp and a ton of other exciting things going on. But really thinking about Fridays WOD that says it all. I was talking to our head coach about it and he still remembered when I started last September, I couldn’t even run 400m without some walking in-between. While I was maybe 2 – 6 minutes slower then most athletes in our box, but I am also 10 to 20 years older then most and carry 50+ extra pounds with me (like a giant build-in weighted vest). That made me realize that I could kick some butt when I finally drop that weight. :)

My trip started at 6am this morning and I was back by 3pm. Fortunately there was not too much traffic and no accidents along the way. Since it was cold and drizzly we couldn’t even go for a paddle on the other side of Lake Michigan. But my new board is home. Its faster then my old one, will be great for most conditions, and I can surf with it.


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