Plan some more meals

Meal planning done with some room to spare for dinners and fun.


Its another control day. Had a bad earache overnight and this morning. But planning to catch up tomorrow with some trampolining and maybe go to Endurance class on Sunday or open gym since the Weather may not be cooperating yet for some paddle boarding this weekend. I am in desperate need to move some. This week was bad, I just was without any um-pf and couldn’t drag myself out of bed.

Today I managed to have super tasty foods with a couple of calories to spare. How can you not love ETP! The key is for me to really get the protein in early, that seems to be holding up the best throughout the day. I tried my fave control day pancakes in a cast iron pan this morning. Gosh it takes way too long and dries them out a little. Though they are still good, but they are just better with the microwave egg cooker in my opinion.

2015-05-15 18.12.37 todaysfood

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