Ice and ice

I think I found a new ice cream bar favorite! Those Mexican mango, coconut, and strawberry bars. Yum!

Just got good news from my AIS guy that he has a spot for me on Friday evening to work on that heel. He was already booked solid until almost the end of the month. If he can fix that heel problem as fast as he fixed my knee (in 2 days!) I will be golden. Otherwise I may skip the Spartan Sprint and go paddle boarding instead. For Murph I may be able to row instead of the 2 miles of running. I don’t want to limp around while working at the Regionals the week after.

I added the gel cushion to my left Nano and it helped a little during today’s WOD.

Today’s workout:

15 minutes of working up to heavy Power Cleans

3 rounds of:
250m row
7 Squat Thrust Box Jumps
15 Hang Power Cleans
7 Squat Thrust Box Jumps
250m row (was suppose to be running)
rest after each round for 2 minutes

My total time was 19:36min (round 1 – 5:00min, round 2 – 5:11min, round 3 – 5:25min)

Look I found the perfect icer for my heel. :) A little dixie cup with water frozen to the rim.

2015-05-18 20.19.51

That work potluck messed up macros. Didn’t quite capture everything. Dang it! I hate when that happens. Though nobody said that I had to eat a whole bunch of those super yummy ice cream bars.

2015-05-18 20.02.17



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