I got my Kombucha starter kit in the mail today and I decided I will try it out immediately. I brewed up some black tea, added sugar, cooled it down to room temperature and dropped in the scoby mushroom. Now its sitting in a place for 7 to 21 days to ferment. After that I can bottle it and add some flavors.

2015-05-20 21.34.34

Things are pretty busy. I think I need a macro adjustment due to rest days just being that, they don’t seem to be active rest days lately. I just seem to get a little chubbier again. Hitting those macros head on is sometimes just a juggle. I am still working on that.

Today’s workout:

15 min Power Snatch practice

200m Farmers Carry
1 mile run (I did row)
200m Farmers Carry

My total time was 12:43min, which the mile of rowing took 6:50min.

Yesterday’s foods:

2015-05-20 10.55.39

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