Memorial Day WOD “Murph”

Oh, yeah its hurting today. I can hardly lift my arms. The last round of rowing was bad realizing my arms were just smoked. Memorial Day WOD “Murph” 2000m row (8:58min) 100 pullups (ring rows) 200 pushups (on knees) 300 air squats 2000m row (9:15min) I am glad I talked to one of the head coaches before, as I was planning to break it up into 4 rounds. But instead I broke it up in 20 rounds of Cindy aka 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats. Best strategy! At the end I only got tired on the pushups. I finished in 42:15 minutes. We had over 100 athletes that participated. murph_2015 It would have been a control day today  but then I saw Paul’s post and added more carbs for the recovery. Hope I can do a normal workout again tomorrow. I haven’t been that sore in quite some time. Before starting ETP I was sore like that a lot. 2015-05-26 20.34.32

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