Fermenting and my dream job board

I was a little sad that I missed a beautiful day outside on the water, but I was on-call and also wanted to prep a couple of things.

Went into the kombucha phase 2 with a jar of peach and a jar of mango pieces for a little added flavor and are making some quark.

2015-06-06 19.48.15 2015-06-06 19.44.20

In an effort to cut some cost I am trying out a new coffee. Total savings $10 per bag. I shopped at the international grocer instead of my usual health food store today. If I shop their sales items I can cut my grocery bill in half. Though for the most part will try to stick to the clean 15  in the produce isle. I will change to eggs and veggies in the morning, meats/fish with veggies for lunches, and shakes for dinner.

2015-06-06 11.52.08 2015-06-06 08.35.22

Got my ideas for my job board going and with that I was thinking of reorganizing my work area a little. I may want 2 monitors with a desktop when I get a job to work from home.

2015-06-06 15.05.46 2015-06-06 20.26.32

I forgot to eat today. That’s so weird but I really liked that. Had to run some errands before breakfast and by the time I got home it was time for lunch. Made a tortilla pizza for dinner and then some rice krispies pre-bed.

2015-06-06 20.09.11

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