This Small Space

I watched the Tiny House movie and totally love the concept of getting rid of stuff so you have the freedom to live and travel. I am pairing down more stuff and I was thinking of renting out my living room. I never use it anyways. Since I want to work from home aka anywhere in the world I really don’t need a lot of space. And the good thing would be my kitties wouldn’t be alone when I travel. I could also make the porch a more usable outdoor space.

Then I just got this idea, not quite a “Tiny house” but kind of “This Small Space” for sure. AirBnB would be so much more fun! I just move into the living room with plenty of space for a Murphy bed with closets, a desk area and a big table and chairs for entertaining. I would rather travel the world and live life, then accumulate stuff. Here my new journey starts. I cant wait to transform my rooms into living spaces and explore new things.

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