Solutions for a small space – A table for 9?

As I am cleaning out the bedroom and think of the pieces that would make up my new living space, I realized I forgot to create some extra spaces for my kitties. I mean they have a big cat tree but usually they have multiple spaces when they can cuddle up or watch out the window. I do want a very functional room with a full size bed, closet space, some comfy seating like a small sofa, a table that can seat 6 to 8, and my desk area. The Murphy bed cover the bed itself and the closet space, as a desk I am thinking of an adjustable desk with a crank. For seating maybe a chaise lounge or ottoman and I just found this table idea. Its awesome and would provide seating for 9 if I make it big enough. Adding stack-able IKEA chairs would make this solution pretty nifty!


Tomorrow is my first day “off”. I will go as usual to my 7am Crossfit class and then its on to learning some new tech skills, checking out some jobs, and preparing the new guest room for painting. Everything is out of the room and consolidated.

Remember those little sayings on the Mini Dove wrappers? I found those 2 when I was cleaning out my desk on Friday at the office. How fitting!


Food wise I forgot to track as I was really busy. I may have gotten over a little with that Tiramisu ice cream, but then I skipped dinner as I wasn’t hungry. Tomorrow is back to a more strict schedule. Though I did enjoy not having to prep meals for the week. Lets see how that goes, but I am hoping for more flexibility.

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