Multi-functional items preferred

I try to have things that are multi-functional and work well at many things, and this little stoneware baker is a great example. I can use it in the oven and in the microwave. From slow-cooking foods to baking bread in the oven, to defrosting, making corn on the cob and popcorn in the microwave.

2015-06-23 14.07.46

I disliked the Garmin VivoSmart and sent it back already this morning. The sleep tracking was pathetic and all the notifications it displayed were just annoying. I am sure it could have been turned off somehow. The interface on the iPhone was rather clumsy and due to to excessive Bluetooth usage it drained the phone battery rather quickly. The weird thing is, that it did not sync the activity and sleep data from the device until you went into the app. Instead it used the Bluetooth connection to annoy you with FB, email and other apps notifications. I was also getting allergic to the band after only 2 days. I wish the Jawbone would be, as in swim with it, waterproof.

This morning I went to the box for a little skill work (bar hangs, pullups with black band, handstand/headstand practice, box jumps).  Even with the best intentions it just never happens at home. So I am better off to go to the box Monday through Friday at 7am. Its just a great way to start the work day.

Mission accomplished! I found a great health insurance package yesterday to be covered during my time off for only $200/month. Granted a little more then I really need but at the same price that my old one cost me and was deducted from my paycheck, but now I have a much better coverage. Obamacare would have been $550+ and Cobra (an offer from my old company) would have been over $750/month.

Ok, my living and my bedroom are consolidated and this is left, besides having bedding, blankets and my winter clothing in the closet in the bedroom. Feels good for sure.

2015-06-23 17.47.52

Today’s meals:

2015-06-23 17.56.25

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