Random odds and ends

Lots of good stuff happening. I am feverishly working on the ETP spreadsheet. So I have to divert most of my energy to that, at least for a little while. I had two days of pretty crappy food, because I started the day with bread. I should know better! I just cant handle it, or better my body just goes nuts. Yesterday and today were already much better and I was back on track.

This mornings workout was:

Kipping practice (hello calluses)

3 rounds of
800 m run/row
12 burpee over bar
9 hang power cleans @ 65#
9 ring rows
9 ring dips (mod)

My time was 22:25 min. It was a good one for sure!

Saturday I beautified the upper and lower patios with some nice flowers. And this morning I scheduled a window cleaning service that will also pressure wash the patio so I can re-stain it. Sunday I worked mostly on the spreadsheet and did a little more organizing and getting rid of things in my living area and the kitchen.

2015-06-27 08.59.53

I wish I could make the Murphy bed myself but even with that the cost is at least $1000, not to mention all the tools needed and time spend. Something halfway decent with a couch attached is around $3000, but this really cool thing from Italy? $13,000 to $15,000! Thats not going to happen. And it doent even include any shelfs.

The great thing about minimizing and living with less stuff is having time for hobbies and things I always wanted to figure out, like food photography. And I am sure with Holly’s and Theresa’s help I can make some great progress.

2015-06-29 20.21.14

Today’s meals:

2015-06-29 21.18.01

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