Time flies

I guess I was busy. Haven’t been here and updated in a while.  Lots of good things happening, from fixing up the house, to learning new skills, to hanging out with friends I had lost touch over the last couple of years.

Finally made and applied the awesome pet-friendly weed-killer. The spray bottles were a pain in the butt so I got this thing at Menards for $8. Now, killing weeds is actually fun. :)

2015-07-10 20.09.29

Did a little project a couple of minutes ago. Sprucing up the guest room.

2015-07-10 19.56.04

My light setup in some simple steps that dont clutter the house. I attached two daytime photo lamps to my floor lamp and just use a white fabric to soften the light. It works pretty nice.

2015-07-10 20.44.47

The handyman fixed the sunken porch for only a couple of bucks, which I am super happy about and installed already a ceiling fan with light in my new living space where there was nothing before. There were so many projects I got done. Including working on the ETP spreadsheet and helping a missionary family rebuild their website.

Here are some of the meals I had. In general I was a little short on proteins which caused a couple of run-ins with Oreo’s and doughnuts earlier in the week.  I did my Crossfit Monday, Wednesday and today, but had to skip Tuesday and Thursday due to appointments.

2015-07-10 10.53.04

I posted this today on FB for my friends as they start asking. “Did you find your dream job yet? I got asked that now quite a few times. Actually I haven’t been looking. The last 3 weeks I was pretty busy with working on my 4-plex (does that ever end?), getting the guest room ready, starting to optimize my work-from-home and living space, working on an Excel VBA fun project and a missionary website to gain some skills and learning to adjust to work from home. One more week of big home tasks ( the porch needs to be stained and the Murphy bed has to be build) before I will start on preparing to go on the hunt for that fun job. Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend and maybe see you on the water.”

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