A Murphy Bed in the making

I finished painting the guest room, I prepared some linen fabric for the roller shades and even mounted them before my usual CF workout in the morning. I had some window cleaners here, since my apartment is on the second level, there is no way for me to wash the windows from the outside. In addition they did pressure wash the porch as prep for me staining it very soon. Things are coming together!  I think pretty soon I am ready to finally go on my job hunt.

On Monday, I purchased all the wood for the Murphy bed and the living room bench/couch. My handyman took it home to his house to cut it for me. He didn’t think Homedepot would cut it exact enough with the tools they have available. He just delivered all the cut wood and I will embark on this home project shortly. Actually I will start with the multi-purpose bench/couch to warm up. The bench will have a lot of storage space and a part where my kitties can hide, since I basically took all their hiding spaces away. And with strangers soon to be in the house they will need some safe and cozy hangouts.

2015-07-16 10.32.05 2015-07-16 12.21.15

So far the cost runs as follow:

$280 Kit
$ 73 Lights (optional)
$368 wood, screws, nails, glue
$ 80 wood cutting and delivery

Total so far: $729, but I still need 4 door handles, veneer tape, maybe some trim and stain.

I bought a sander and a jigsaw to add to my own tools, which will also come in handy when I build my real tiny house one day. I think I should volunteer to help somebody else to build their house so I can avoid some pitfalls in mine.

Food is back on track. I made the decision that all the sugary stuff isn’t good or helpful for me. While others can eat Oreos,doughnuts or poptarts, I just cant. My body just doesn’t do well with that. But it doesn’t mean I cant have some fun with making some better for me desserts.

Yesterdays workout

1×3 65%  125#
1×3 75%  145#
1×3 85%  165#
1×2 95%  185#

3 rounds
50 cal row
15 cal airdyne
2 minutes rest

Total time was 20:58 minutes. I really like this kind of workout. I think I will do more airdyne as active recovery soon.

Shopping for the week

2015-07-15 09.18.30

Yesterdays food

2015-07-14 19.11.21

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