My new church home

I started going to a church only a couple of blocks away in the hopes to find a new church home closer to my home. I love that I can leave the house at 8:50am and still make it to church on time. Its a very young church and the message is coming in via a live video feed from the main location which is located on the other end of town. In the beginning it kinda bugged me but I like that the church is very diverse in age and they still have their own pastors, events and study groups. I like that events and food collections will benefit my neighborhood. Before that, I would drive for about 25 minutes out to the burbs to go the the largest church in town. This fall I will join one of the study groups and I would also love to go on a mission trip again.  I think its time to get involved again.

My current Office version (2007) was a little out of date so I decided to get with it and get the new Office 365. In addition to being up-to-date it will also be a good productivity tool for my new work-from-home job.


2015-08-02 18.57.36

pic1 – zucchini, sweet potato, and eggs,
pic2 – tomato, avocado and feta cheese
pic3- coffee, coconut milk, ice
pic4 – salad, mashed potato and beef stew
pic5 – protein shake (coconut milk, peanut butter, whey protein, banana, ice, choc chips)

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