Richard Branson and a coffee discount?

So today as part of our assignments at the business course I am taking we had to contact Richard Branson in any form via twitter, FB or email and part 2 was asking for a discount at a coffee shop. Pretty weird at the first glance. But in the aftermath the goal really wasn’t to get in contact with RB or get a discount, it was just trying it and realizing that nothing bad happens by just asking. Very possible, nothing will even happen most of the time. That is the same way when we start building our business we will have to ask people if they are interested in our products/services and most may just say no or nothing. But then I got my discount, a big one even, but not a the coffee shop instead at my web hosting company. I was evaluating a couple of hosting companies for a potential client and discovered that the cost could be as low as $4/month when payed in yearly or every other year subscriptions. I was paying $10 a month since I have been a customer for many years with Hostgator. I got a 40% discount for the next year. How is that for just asking?

I applied for my first job today too, just to start practicing and refining my cover letter. So when my temporary dream job comes along I want to be prepared, as building my own successful business may just take some time.

Oh and the weekend was super busy and fun. Saturday I had a paddle boarding race. Not sure why being on the water is just a happiness producer. And you always win some new friends along the way!

2015-08-24 21.22.22

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