It’s Pickling Season!

When I was little we would have bathtubs full of pickles that needed to be processed and canned. From scrubbing them, to squeezing them into jars or crocks, to making the brine, to boiling the jars to close. Not sure how many we made each year, but for sure we did a lot as we all loved pickles. They had to last all winter into the summer as we just couldn’t just go out and buy them, living in East Germany where those resources were more limited.

I tried some dill pickles at my friends house and was reminded of my grandma’s pickles. She usually made them in a really big crock pot and kept in the cellar over the winter. So I am excited to try out some recipes.

2015-08-25 17.52.04 2015-08-25 18.42.46

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