A cool new job!

Yup, I did! I had planned to have a job by end of December, but everyone who ever had to hunt for a job around this time of the year, knows that things will just slow down, and only the really desperate ones are out there. I got a call from a recruiter on January 5th.  I don’t like recruiters so I never pick up my cell nor do I call recruiters back. Adam was different, he called back the next day and we had a nice chat. He was sure that he found the perfect match for me, I wasn’t so sure. But I got an interview that Friday with the hiring company,  and I started my new job on January 25th. That company was called Derse. It’s a very cool company, with super nice people and a great environment to thrive, and fun projects to work on.

I have already done a bunch of pretty cool things, some mobile app development (the bulk was done by an outsourced company),  implementation and testing on iOs and Android platforms, and the app is now live in both stores (iTunes and Google Play). I am now getting my feet wet learning Ruby on Rails, writing a subscription-based web app. In addition to supporting their legacy applications. I really love the challenges and freedom I have, and my co-workers are fantastic too.

Though I had to switch my workouts back to 7am again as I was skipping too many of my noon workouts. I just couldn’t seem to get back into the routine, as I felt like I would rather work on a project then working out. The amount of great food around there is dangerous. This is a company with great taste and lots of things to celebrate.

They even took me to see the trade show of trade shows, called Exhibitor, in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun.

2016-02-24 08.13.49 2016-02-29 14.53.13 2016-02-29 14.49.10

My emergency kit for my first day at derse and Vegas (middle and right). Our company won Best in Show with the booth.

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