Happy Monday!

The weekend flew by. I went canoeing for the first time on a small lake. I have to say paddle boarding is way more fun as you can just see more. But we still still had a wonderful time, as we first canoed around the lake and then swam across the lake. It was perfect! The temps hit about 94 degrees so its really best to be in the water when outdoors. 🙂

I finally slept in my self-made Murphy bed for the first time! For sure it will need a mattress topper and some bamboo sheets to make it as comfy as my real bed, but other than that it works pretty well.


I now love that my prep time for the week is minimal since I switched over to once-a-month cooking or better the 6-weeks-cycle. It saves quite a bit of money and time. On Sundays I only have to prep my salads, which takes about 30 minutes.

2016-07-22 20.27.22

The groceries on most weeks run about $30. This weekend I made a German dish, to take to a friends house, German Potato Salad with Wieners. It was delish!

2016-07-24 07.38.152016-07-24 08.56.36

The salad prep, and bread packaged up for the freezer. That way I can grab a single slice quickly.

I am still getting back into my to my routine to take pics of my meals again.

Have a great start of the week. Happy Monday!

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